Construction Supervision Management Construction Supervision Management Construction Supervision Management

Construction supervision means continuous oversight, inspection, and coordination of the Work in a timely, professional, competent manner to ensure compliance with the approved construction documents, contract documents, applicable regulations, project schedule, and all other applicable requirements.


We at Abbasy & Associates; supervises and coordinates with all our contractors in terms of time, budget management, whereas ensuring quality and safety to ensure that the construction proceeds safely and conforms to plans and specifications.

What Is Involved In Construction Supervision Management?

Construction Management (CM), also known as Construction Project Management (CPM), defines all activities involved in the planning, coordination, and control of construction projects from the start to completion. It blends construction skills with business principles in an attempt to produce projects that are highly effective while efficiently minimizing waste. Construction Managers work with a diverse workforce to ensure that each step of the project is completed both in time and on budget. Construction Managers must be technically competent, innovative, entrepreneurial, community leaders and people who enjoy social as well as global awareness.

Six Ways Construction Supervision Management 
Can Benefit Your Project
  1. Your interests are top priority: The Construction Manager becomes the Owner’s representative, using extensive industry knowledge to make optimal decisions and take actions that benefit your project as a whole.
  2. Reduced total project cost:The Construction Manager oversees competitive bidding, contract negation on merit, reduction in completion time and elimination of non-value scope and costs. They work with the construction team to develop realistic budgets and ensure the project is completed within budgets by implementing cost-reducing documentation controls, applying resources efficiently, and more. Additionally, having an experienced team leading your project gives you many efficiency bonuses in terms of budget monitoring and utilization, keeping the project on schedule, and coordinating the efforts of the team in the most effective and efficient manner.
  3. A qualified project team:The Construction Manager advises the client on retaining those best suited to deliver on the client’s needs while eliminating those who are not contributing to the team’s success. A Construction Manager is also able to recommend qualified industry experts to add to your team.
  4. A central point of communication:The Construction Manager becomes your go-to contact and the person with an intimate understanding of the big picture on your project. They are taking input from multiple sources, filtering it through to ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time and ensuring the seamless integration of project participants.
  5. Enhanced quality control:The Construction Manager will make use of their extensive industry knowledge to oversee and audit the work done by all project teams, thereby minimizing chances of defective work or poor workmanship in general.
  6. Protection from liability:The Construction Manager takes ownership for the success of your project, and also is the key person responsible – in the slim chance things go awry.

Advantages of Supervision by Abbasy & Associates

1. Highly qualified project team
2. Our Supervision and management can save your time and money
3. Working on timely schedule
4. Guiding you to use right material at right time
5. Provides Material Testing facility
6. Gives complete awareness on material and rates
7. Specializes in the construction job
8. Expertise on large scale projects
9. Solves construction and contractor issues
10. Expertise on selecting the right team
11. Provides discount on purchased material
12. Guiding clients on Material selection
13. Record of all bills / material purchased is recorded and shared with the clients.